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Mission & Goals

BMA Mission & GoalsMission: To create and provide children with a peaceful learning environment following the tenets of the Montessori education, carefully cultivating the child’s natural desires and tools of learning, hence laying a solid foundation for success in acquiring and applying knowledge throughout their lives.

• To encourage regular practices of self-reflection and nurturing peace from within
• To support the process of concentration, confidence, coordination, order & independence.
• To foster a nurturing and diverse environment where children appreciate differences and work in collaboration with others
• To help develop repertoire of life skills and a strong academic foundation, by respecting the uniqueness of each child and by providing individual attention
• To provide developmentally appropriate physical activity and encourage healthy nutritional practices
• To ensure consistency and provide a reliable source of care
• To facilitate continuous education for staff and parents
• To maintain clear & respectful parent communications
• To build a learning & peaceful community

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